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Beginner Calisthenics

Are you looking to start beginner calisthenics in East London? I am a female calisthenics trainer, based in Hackney and surrounding boroughs.

Firstly, let's start with the basics - What is Calisthenics? Calisthenics or 'Cali' as it is known for short, at a most basic level is resistance training with your body, gravity and little to no equipment. Think pull ups, push ups and pistol squats, as well more advanced exercises like muscle ups, back levers and human flags.

I primarily focus on teaching beginner calisthenics across the East London area. Ever wondered how to get your first pull up? Well, this is a popular goal for many of my clients, both male and female, and is a skill I can help you to develop with a structured approach to training. Maybe your push up looks more like a worm dance, and you want some specific technical focus and progression exercises to perfect it and hit some clean reps. Don't be fooled by what you experience in most London cali classes - Calisthenics isn't all about training upper body and core. If you're interested in improving mobility and lower body strength then moves like pistol squats and reverse nordic curls are a great way of getting a full body cali workout in.

If you like to train outside, many of East London’s parks have free to use outdoor calisthenics gyms. Finsbury Park, Victoria Park, Millfields Park, London Fields and Weavers Fields are all great locations to train calisthenics in East London as they have pull up bars and/or dip bars as well as other kit. But it’s not limited to those ones, as I can bring along gymnastics rings or a suspension trainer to other locations – all we need is something to attach them to (a tree, climbing frame etc.).

There is also the option to train in a fully kitted out studio with pull up bars and other kit such as gymnastics rings. If you are looking for somewhere to train calisthenics in Stoke Newington, Dalston or Shoreditch then this could be a great option.

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