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Looking for a personal trainer to improve your running, in Hackney or wider East London? I help runners in two primary ways: with running plans to help them train for a specific event, and with strengthening to support their running.

The basis of being able to run well, is to be strong. Many runners love the running, but the strength part is often overlooked. Why is strength training important for runners? Strong muscles are more resistant to injury, and on top of that being strong can help improve your running efficiency – i.e. making you faster and requiring less energy.

Perhaps you used to run a bit, but got out of the habit, and feel too unfit to restart. Or maybe you signed up for a big event like a marathon and have realised you need some help with how to train for it. One of the biggest reasons people fail to complete a running event is due to injury occurring during training. I have helped numerous people complete their first marathon injury free! Whether you just want to build up to a 5k, or you want to complete your first marathon, drop me a message to see if I can help you get there.

Strength training for runners can either be done in the comfort of your own home in East London, from Hackney to Leytonstone. Or from a well equipped studio gym in stoke Newington, Dalston or Shoreditch. Get in touch today to find out more.

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