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Injury Recovery

Have you had an injury that has put a halt to you exercising, and now you are looking to get back into it safely? Maybe you underwent surgery and need a gradual reintroduction to exercise but are worried about injuring yourself again. Or perhaps it's even a sedentary lifestyle that is causing you pain and discomfort through lack of mobility and stiffness? If this sounds like you then I can help!

I work closely with physiotherapists and other health professionals in the East London area to help get you back to the movement you love. If you have an existing niggle or injury and you haven’t had it assessed by a professional yet, I will sometimes recommend that as a first step.

A medical professional such as a physiotherapist will be able to do a full assessment and help you to understand the root cause of the issue. They will be able to provide a specific breakdown of what areas you need to focus on to make improvements. I will liaise closely with them to make sure that your sessions are fully tailored around your rehabilitation and recovery needs.

This means progressing at a rate that works for your body and accommodates your injury whilst still allowing you to get fitter and stronger and realise your performance goals.

I have helped to train individuals with varying needs including those with low back pain, plantar fasciitis, frozen shoulder, sciatica and those recovering from surgery.

So if you are looking for injury rehabilitation in East London get in touch today. I offer multiple training options, so whether you want to train in the comfort of your own home or office in Hackney, Islington, Leyton or surrounding areas, or you prefer to train in a studio gym near Stoke Newington, Dalston or Shoreditch, I'm certain there will be an option that works for you.

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