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Marathon in the City

My client have achieved some amazing things. From relieving pain to getting back into sports that they love, running marathons and cycling across mountain ranges! Read some of their stories below.


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Client Testimonials

From Back Pain To Marathon

I had been training Ant’s wife for a few months when he decided to take up personal training himself, after seeing how much she was enjoying it and the results she was getting.

Ant had some issues with back pain in the past, and after seeing a physio I devised a plan for him to help strengthen some of his weaker muscle groups, and get him more mobile particularly through his posterior chain, which had been contributing to his back pain. It’s been a year of training together and Ant hasn’t had a single flare up with his back! He’s now even training for his first marathon using a personalised training plan I’ve put together for him - can't wait to see how he does!


"I have been really enjoying training with Hannah for a year now. I was having back problems... I often have a guitar case on my back and have to carry heavy amplifiers in/out of music venues. Intermittently my back would go into spasm and sometimes I wouldn't be able to walk for a few days! I nearly had to cancel a tour because of this. I needed to drastically change things to prevent this happening in future.


I started seeing Hannah for regular training, and haven't had any problems since then. My back has not gone into spasm at all since I started training!


Recently I decided to try to run a marathon and Hannah worked out a bespoke training plan for me that fits in with my other commitments/holidays etc. We have also adapted my weekly strength training sessions to make sure my legs are nice and strong and to reduce the likelihood of injury from all the extra running. And, somehow, all this training is actually fun!



"Hannah’s 1:1 training sessions feel personally tailored, taking time to understand goals, to provide training plans, including detailed nutritional goals. She has a strong focus on form and technique to ensure you learn how to do exercises safely, which is a skill that I can now take with me to the gym when training on my own. Hannah has been really helpful and is so lovely and friendly that every session is fun!"


Building Confidence In The Gym

Best friends Aimee and Beccy came to me looking to get into a better routine with their fitness and nutrition. They wated to go to the gym more but didn’t know what they should be doing to get the results they wanted. As well as getting stronger they wanted to build confidence in using the gym. I recommended that we train from a private studio gym so that they could get familiar with all the equipment from an inviting and safe space. As they built confidence they began to include additional gym based strength workouts to their weekly routine. By reviewing their nutrition we were able to make changes to ensure their nutrition supported their increasingly active lifestyle, to ensure they’d get the most out of their training.

Women Football Match

Returning to Football following Injury

Vanessa loves to play football and to run, but low back pain had forced her to take a break from her favourite activities. A physiotherapist advised her to build up her strength before returning to these much loved sports. Initially we worked on building Vanessa’s balance, co-ordination and lower body strength. As that progressed she’s been able to rebuild her running, and is now doing regular 6km runs in hackney downs and hackney marshes each week and she’s recently returned to playing football again! We’ll continue to progress her training, introducing more agility and plyometric work to build her resilience and power and futureproof her from injury.

Women Football Match

"Hannah is really helping me recover from a back injury and get moving again. She is super organised and our sessions are always really well prepped and the right level to keep pushing me forwards :)"


Cycling in the mountains

[Hannah] is exceptionally knowledgeable. I had some PTs in the past and so far this has been my best experience, on top of that I really enjoy training outdoors in the park.
Hannah has been quite flexible with my schedule and locations, for example indoors sessions when weather is miserable or couldn't fit in my working schedule, it’s even possible to do remote sessions too, you really can’t miss a session with all of that flexibility.
Currently I work from home so it makes a lot of sense for me to train during lunch time which saves me the time of going back and forward from the gym. She also provides all the equipment needed for the sessions so you just need to show up and workout.


The Busy Adventurer

Santiago has a busy work and social life schedule, so we have been train at lunchtimes twice a week for the past year so he is able to fit this into his busy day. He even brings along his puppy Luna, so she gets her walkies at the same time (and I get puppy cuddles 😊). As our sessions are his main exercise for the week we have focused on strengthening as well as cardiovascular fitness for a well rounded programme.


Santi has felt so confident in his increased fitness, he recently completed a 450km cycle across the Pyrenees mountain range in just a few days! An incredible personal achievement that his outdoor personal training sessions in Hackney Downs helped him to prepare for.

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