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About Me

Get to know my style of training


My Training Background

I have been resistance training for over 10 years focusing on weight lifting and calisthenics. Running has always been an important part of my training, having run three marathons, and now focusing on shorter distances. I love the outdoors and often challenging myself with multi-day hikes and cycles. I started teaching fitness classes in 2017 and changed from a career in Media to personal training in 2021.


Beginner Friendly

I offer personal training for beginner and intermediate level, with a focus on health, wellbeing and performance. Many of my clients are returning to training after an injury, or after a long break of being sedentary or training irregularly. I'll help you build confidence and get back into a regular, sustainable exercise routine.


Inclusive Safe Spaces

I offer safe spaces to exercise from for those who don't feel comfortable in mainstream commercial gyms. You might prefer to train in your own home, or from a private studio space only accessed by personal trainers (so everyone else will be fully focused on their own session!). I am also an lgbt friendly personal trainer in hackney.


Realistic Goal Setting

I encourage performance focused goals to build self confidence and a sense of achievement beyond solely aesthetic changes. My aim is to help you realise that exercise is so much more than body size. I will work with you to set realistic goals that you can stick to for the long term, doing things you enjoy.

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