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Are you looking for nutritional support in Hackney or wider East London?

Good nutrition is the driver of change, whether you want to improve your sporting performance, your body composition or just feel more energised, it’s likely that a look at your nutrition will be a good place to start.
With a level 3 qualification in nutrition for physical activity, I can help provide guidance on dietary changes that can help you in reaching your goals, along side your training.

All clients who train regularly with me in person can request nutritional advice, and are welcomed to supply a weekly food diary to keep them on track with healthy habits.

If you are after more in depth nutritional support and are interested in a more structured food tracking approach then I offer a separate app based offering. This allows you to record and track your meals, macros and other activity measures (such as steps), and gives me full visibility of all these metrics. We’ll then have regular check ins to discuss where you can make improvements and where you think you need more support. If you opt for a fully 'online' training option, then nutritional tracking is included. If you are already training with me in-person then app based nutrition tracking will be a small additional monthly cost.

So if you are based in East London, or anywhere in the world, get in touch today to find out more about improving your nutrition.

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