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Pre And Post Natal

Looking for a prenatal or post natal personal trainer in East London?

I am a qualified pre and post natal specialist, and can help you retain strength and fitness both in the lead up to pregnancy, during and after birth.

What are the benefits of exercising while pregnant? There are a lot of out dated misconceptions when it comes to pregnancy and exercise. The reality is that the benefits to exercising while pregnant are widely considered to outway the risks.

There are many benefits to exercise during pregnancy, the most proven ones include:
• Improved fitness, mood and sleep
• Reduces the chance of developing high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, back pain and incontinence
• Control of weight gain

It has also been shown in some cases that physical activity during pregnancy can reduce birth complications, reduce swelling, improve circulation and co-ordination and help with resuming physical activity after birth.

It is generally recommended that you aim to maintain your pre-pregnancy activity levels for as long as possible into your pregnancy. There may be some new obstacles to exercising during pregnancy, such as morning sickness, fatigue and having a bump in the way! There are some positions and exercises that come with greater risks during pregnancy and navigating these on your own can be daunting. Having a personal trainer there to support you can be a massive help to keep you moving, and make sure that you are exercising in a way that will minimise any potential risk to you and the baby.

If you want to know how to train safely while pregnant or after child birth, get in touch today, to start your journey to being fitter and stronger through pregnancy. I can train you in your home, or from a fully kitted out studio gym near Stoke Newington, Dalston or Shoreditch.

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