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Personal Training in Clapton E5

Are you after a personal trainer who will travel to your chosen location in Clapton?  Whether that's at home, or in one of Clapton's fabulous outdoor spaces such as Millfield Park, Hackney Downs Park, Springfield Park, Hackney Marshes or Walthamstow Marshes.

Mobile personal training is a great option if you're busy and have limited time to travel to a gym.

The most popular area of my personal training service is functional strength training for beginners to intermediate level. Some popular reasons people choose to train with me are:

  • Females looking to maintain or build muscle mass as they age

  • Men and Women wanting to get strong to be able to return to sport or activity they love after an injury, often having been through surgery and physiotherapy (injury rehabilitation)

  • Wanting to get your first push up or pull up. Beginner calisthenics is a personal passion area – so if you’ve always wondered how to get your first push up or pull up, I can help you hit that milestone!  

  • Getting strong to complete your first marathon, injury free! And with an excellent marathon training plan to follow 😊


Why not check out my pricing options and testimonials to get a full over view of what i offer

What services do you offer?

"As a physiotherapist it’s really important for me to have a solid network of PTs to refer my clients on to. Hannah has been excellent with everyone I’ve sent over so far and helping them to achieve their rehab and fitness goals. Great communication skills and will help you nail technique ensuring safe training. She offers diverse training sessions to keep things fresh, not only focusing on strength and conditioning but mobility, cardiac fitness, running plans and more. Great PT, can’t recommend enough!"

- Sarah - 

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