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Personal Training in Stoke Newington N16

Looking for a female personal trainer near you in Stoke Newington N16, or nearby? Look no further!

I can help you get strong and fit in Stoke Newington, whether you are looking to train at home, in your garden, in a local park or even a private gym space on Green Lanes in N16.


Popular outdoor locations in Stoke Newington include personal training in Clissold Park, Stoke Newington Common or Butterfield Green.

If you’re ready to start working with a personal trainer in Stoke Newington and would like to find out more get in contact today. I’ll get back to you to arrange a free 30minute zoom consultation, where we’ll dive a bit deeper into your lifestyle, exercise and injury history and establish what goals you want to achieve. You can also use this time to ask any questions you might have and I’ll give you some guidance on which training option (outdoor/home/gym/mobile app) and pricing option is best for you.

We’ll usually try to get a regular training time each week, and I’ll cycle over to your chosen location with my kit (kettlebells, dumbells, trx etc) ready for the session.

I'm Interested in personal training, what next?:

"I have really enjoyed and stayed committed with Hannah's training, both Our Parks bootcamps and weekly personal training for seven months so far (which is the first time/longest I have ever followed a programme for!) and have seen a real improvement in my strength and physical confidence. Hannah is patient and engaging - I trust her completely to adjust for my level and target varied exercises to push my capacity - I always feel comfortable but challenged :)"

- Natasha -

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